Facilities Utilization Task Force

In May 2011, WSD community members and staff came together for A Summit on the Future of Education in Wausau. The result of this three-day Summit was the development of eight Shared Key Interests that will guide the Wausau School District in the future. One of these Key Interests is:

Provide safe, secure, flexible, inviting, and well-maintained environments that nurture student well-being and enhance teaching and learning.

This was the impetus for the development of the Wausau School District Facilities Utilization Task Force. The Task Force includes WSD staff, parents, Board of Education members, and community members to study the needs of the District’s facilities not only for success today, but for success in the years to come. Education is rapidly changing and the Wausau School District is doing everything it can to adapt, change, and utilize all the District’s resources in the most effective way to create success for our students as we create learners and leaders for the 21st Century.