Coach Handbook

Librarians create the book list each year.  If you have questions,suggestions, or concerns related to the book list, please direct them to your school librarian so they can be discussed at one of their monthly meetings.  All other questions, suggestions or concerns related to Book Bowl should be directed to Cheryl Borta, Book Bowl Coordinator, or Kris Peterson, GT Department Secretary. 


New books will always go on Division I list so both groups read/use them.



Know date, time, place, events, and requirements of Book Bowl Competition: 

  • Date:  February 13, 2020
  • Time:  4:00 p.m.
  • Place:  G. D. Jones Elementary School
  • Events:  20 questions with 10 minutes to correctly match to book title or author.
    • Character Event
    • Plot Event
    • Setting Event
  • General Information:
    • The contest will be a matching activity.  There will be 20 questions for each category-character, setting, and plot.  Students will be asked to match some questions to titles and some questions to authors.  Each round will be timed for 10 minutes and points awarded for correctly matched questions/answers.
      • Example:  Title Question
        • If the correct answer is A. Saving Shiloh, the only thing written on the answer sheet is the letter A.
      • Example:  Author Question
        • If the correct answer is 1. Beverly Cleary, the only thing written on the answer sheet is the number one.
    • Cookies (NO PEANUT PRODUCTS) will be provided for the break between rounds one and two.
    • There will be paper/pencil puzzles to work on between rounds two and three and between round three and the awards ceremony.
    • Competition Divisions
      • Division I - The team will review books from the Division I book list that includes 20 titles.
      • Division II - The team will review books from the Division II book list that includes 40 titles.
  • Requirements:
    • Teams may consist of up to nine members per team. We recommend mixed grade-level teams because of the diversity of the books on the book lists.
    • Select Division I or II as appropriate for team's abilities and interests.
    • Plan meeting/discussion/sharing times with team members.
    • One or more members of the team must read each book on the list so that the team covers every title.
    • Identify one adult for each team to attend the competition.  They will act as proctors.  If coaching more than one team, it will be the coach's responsibility to find extra adults for competition day.  You will receive the proctor list in February.  Be sure to confirm the proctor assignments.  If you have changes in proctor assignments, be sure to notify us who to DELETE as well as who to ADD.



Team member roles are determined by team decision, volunteer, or the coach may assign.

  • One team member will be the assigned facilitator to complete the following tasks:
    • Bring focus to specific questions
    • Select respondents and responses
    • Pinpoint best response for answering the question.
  • One team member will be the assigned recorder to write down the responses given to her/him by the team facilitator.
  • One team member may be the assigned timekeeper to keep team apprised of how much time remains for each event.



Some suggested activities are listed below:
  • Introduce books using jacket information
  • Assign/divide books among team members-once selected, that book becomes the responsibility of that team member unless the team agrees to change
  • Discuss questions about each book
  • Do drills/games using lists of titles and authors
  • Simulate contest events at practice meetings after all books have been read and discussed
  • After book has been read, reader fills out an information card listing title, author, characters, setting, and plot of the book
  • Match title to author




Announce/advertise Book Bowl competition and the who, what, when, and why of becoming a Book Bowl team member


Meet with interested students to discuss qualifications and responsibilities and to set meeting dates and times


Meet with team members at scheduled times


Take attendance at all scheduled meetings


Facilitate selection of books and discussions about books from list


Plan activities to reinforce knowledge of books


Share all official information with team members as you receive it


Plan actual competition participation:




Role of each team member


Familiarize team members with competition format


Hold follow-up meeting with team to "wrap things up"


Encourage individual readers


Encourage team participation and sportsmanship


Proctors are asked to do the following:


Encourage and support the team you are proctoring


Pass out book lists, author lists, and answer sheets


Pass out test questions when instructed to do so by the announcer


Supervise team during each event


Collect answer sheets at the end of each 10 minute round--not before, even if the team says they are finished


Collect test questions and place in the manila envelope



Be a team player:

  • Do your part

  • Accept/encourage (don't criticize) other team members

  • Be a good sport

  • Be willing to listen to opinions and answers others give

  • Attend all scheduled meetings unless absent from school or excused by the coach

  • Enjoy the fun and challenge