4K Supply List


4 4-oz. bottle of white glue

1 box of crayons, 16 or 24 count

2 CRAYOLA watercolor sets, 8 color count – NO OFF BRANDS

1 package of Crayola washable markers (Pip-Squeak preferred)

2 large boxes of facial tissues

1 3-pack of clear or white glue sticks – jumbo size – NO PURPLE GLUE

2 packs of stickers that 4 year olds would like

1 box of quart or sandwich size zip-lock bags

1 box of gallon zip-lock bags

Large backpack, large enough to hold a two-pocket folder (which we will supply) and snow pants for winter. Please avoid wheeled backpacks for safety reasons.

Extra set of clothing in a zip lock bag with child’s name printed on bag.

$40.00 Student activity fee for the entire year (if writing a check, make payable to Wausau School District 4K & Early Childhood Programs). This covers a daily snack and two field trips. Payment to be made at the Open House.