The Wausau School District provides transportation to and from school for some of our students. Those students are transported on yellow school buses run by First Student or on city buses run by the Metro Ride. Below you will find a listing of contact persons and telephone numbers as well as a listing of District policies and informational bulletins regarding transportation for our students.

First Student
Phone: 715-842-2268
FAX: 715-845-3155

Wausau School District Contact Person for First Student and for Student Contracts is :

Rosalind Sjoberg
P hone: 715-261-0515
FAX: 715-261-2503

Metro Ride
Phone: 715-842-9287
FAX: 715-842-1541

Wausau School District Contact Person for Metro Ride buses is:

Noel Tordsen

Phone: 715-261-0540
FAX: 715-261-2580


Michaela Misoni
Phone: 715-261-0540
Fax: 715-261-2580