District Planetarium Goes Virtual

District Planetarium Goes Virtual
Posted on 02/22/2021
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Learning in the planetarium goes virtual

February 19, 2021
8:02 pm
Ben Zitouni

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW)-- A lot of school work has had to be taught virtual and that includes material that kids learn about when they're in a planetarium.

The planetarium at Wausau West High School is used by students district wide.

Getting the programs used in the planetarium to the students at home involved waiting for a software update as well as figuring out how transfer what is shown inside the dome to screens at home.

"The real trick was to make something that wasn't meant to go onto a flat screen, the dome and all the contents and all the computers that pushed it, how to get all of that onto these small screens that are on chrome books and iPad and things like that," said Chris Janssen the director of the planetarium.

In a gradual approach, the number of students in the planetarium has increased slightly and Chris says he's looking forward to the day when the public can come back for programs at the planetarium.

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