School Social Work

Kristen Brown, Department Chair  -  G.D. Jones
Barb Berry  Grant/South Mountain
Suzanne Huss  -  Alternative High School/Maine
Ashley Karpinsky -  Hawthorn Hills/Lincoln
Sarah Nilles   -  Franklin/John Muir

Kelly Perdue  -  PEER program
Shelly Smith-Payant  -  Riverview/John Marshall
Amy Stack  -  Hewitt-Texas/Rib Mountain
Sara Welsh  -  Jefferson/Stettin

Kathy Guthman
District RtI Behavior Coordinator & External Coach
District SWIS Facilitator
Jennifer Graf
District External PBIS Coach

School social workers are a link between home, school and community. The role of the social worker is to assist students, staff and parents with a variety of home and/or school issues that affect a student’s performance at school. Social workers collaborate with other school staff to help students overcome obstacles to education by offering knowledge of social, emotional, and mental health issues.

Today’s students face many social and personal problems that threaten their ability to do well in school and inhibit their progress toward becoming productive citizens. School social work intervention promotes educational success.