Meal Payments and Prices

2016-2017 Meal Prices

$1.35    Elementary
1.55    Middle and High School 
$1.95    Adults/Staff/Visitor           

Students eligible for Free or Reduced price lunch 
are eligible for a FREE breakfast daily


The School Breakfast Program is offered at all schools in the district.
Please contact your student's school for the breakfast service time.
Each school has it's own unique way of serving breakfast to students. Some schools offer breakfast in the classroom after school begins and some schools offer breakfast before school begins.  

$2.25  Elementary
$2.60  Middle School  
$2.80  High School  
$0.40  Reduced Price
$3.50  Adults/Staff/Visitor  

Milk: purchased by the carton
Milk purchased by the carton for milk break or lunch from home,  is .45/carton or $9.00 for an elementary milk card.  Milk cards must be purchased separately from meal account payments.

                       Please keep a Positive Balance 

                     in your child's account at all times

How to Pay For Meals at School
Meal payment envelopes are available at all schools.  Please place the payment in the envelope and write your name, your student's name with meal account ID number, students school and amount to be credited to each student's account (if a single payment is being made to cover more than one student). Deposits to meal accounts will occur daily.

School Messenger Meal Balance Notification System
Parents will receive a phone call and/or e-mail when their student's account is $10.00 or less.  Automated phone calls and emails are sent to households via School Messenger on Monday and Thursday evenings each week. Accounts with a zero balance or balance above $10.00 positive will not receive phone messages.

PAYPAMS - Parent Account Management System
A great way to pay for your child's meal purchases on-line and monitor what your child purchases. Parents can also set up low balance meal notifications through the e-mail notification option. 

Did you know? You can make one payment for multiple students to save the cost of multiple transaction fees ($1.95 per payment).  Make payment to one student account, then contact the Nutrition Services office to transfer funds to other student accounts.  Call 715-261-0806 or email Tracy Bliese to transfer funds between accounts.

Make a payment now on           PayPams    

                  Insufficient Student Account Balances
           Parents/guardians are required and expected 
                       to maintain a positive balance
                             in their student's account

Free and Reduced Meals
If you are struggling to maintain funds in your students meal account we encourage you to apply for meal assistance with the federal free and reduced meal program. Applications are available on line or may be picked up at one of the following locations: student's school office, cafeteria or the Nutrition Services central office at 650 South 7th Ave.  Should you want an application sent home please call Tracy Bliese at 715-261-0806.

Elementary:  Parents/guardians will receive negative balance letters weekly when the meal account reaches a negative balance.  While we strongly discourage meal charges,  we understand that an occasional emergency may make it necessary to charge.  When parents/guardians fail to maintain sufficient funds to purchase school meals for their child(ren) or provide a meal from home, District personnel may be asked to intercede on behalf of students(s).  If the parent/guardian continues to not provide their child(ren) with a meal from home or money for the meal account after District personnel have interceded on behalf of the student(s), the District may file a report with an appropriate agency.

Secondary:  When the meal account reaches a negative balance, students will receive a light meal costing $1.00.  Light meals will be provided until the account reaches a negative -$10.00.  At negative -$10.00 and greater, the meal account will be put on hold until the negative balance is paid.  The parent/guardian will be required to provide a meal from home.  Light meals consist of a sandwich, fruit and milk.

Balances -$10.00 Negative and Greater
Parent/guardians will be contacted by the Nutrition Services office, school guidance counselor/social worker and/or principal to offer assistance in completing a Free and reduced meal application or determine if Special assistance to the family is needed.

Uncollected Balances
The Nutrition Services office may utilize the services of a collection agency to secure collection on debts not paid within 30 days of issuance of a "Request for Fee Payment" unless a payment plan has been established and agreed upon by both parties.

USDA and this institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.