SSTEP: 18-21 year-old program

Stepping Stones Transition Education Program

Wausau School District program held at the University of Wisconsin, Marathon County campus.

All young adults need to prepare as they SSTeP toward establishing their own adult life. Each young adult has individual strengths, preferences, interests, and goals that will lead them down the path to independence.

SSTeP: Stepping Stones Transition EducationProgram focuses on preparing young adults with disabilities for life after high school graduation.

What is the next SSTeP? The mission of the program is to connect young adults with disabilities to community resources, empowering them and strengthening their advocacy skills in order to navigate their life plan.

The goal of SSTeP is to provide students with disabilities, ages 18-21, transition-focused
services within a community environment based on each student’s Individualized
Educational Program (IEP) and post-secondary transition goals.

SSTEP Brochure