Points of Pride

Wausau School District Planetarium
The Planetarium specializes in the Earth and Space educational needs of students, schools, public, and private groups of Central Wisconsin.

Wausau School Forest
The Wausau School Forest provides a special learning experience for students in the Wausau School District. Located 11 miles southwest of the city on the banks of the Wisconsin River, the School Forest has been a part of the District's curriculum since 1942. The Forest of pine and hardwoods covering over 400 acres becomes a classroom unlike any other. Here students learn about nature, they learn about working together, and they learn that there is a little more inside of themselves than they thought possible.

"That which can be best learned inside the classroom should be learned there; and that which can be best learned through direct experience outside the classroom, in contact with native materials and life situations, should there be learned." L.B Sharp