Health Services

The Nurses in the Wausau School District want to make sure you have the necessary information you need to ensure your child’s health and safety. 

Kathy Becker RN, Department Chair
Horace Mann Middle School (Home School and Office)
Hawthorn Hills, Hewitt-Texas, Montessori, Early Childhood Special Education

Kira McGinnity, RN
West High School (Home School and Office)
Grant, Thomas Jefferson, Maine, Stettin

Julie Welch, RN
East High School (Home School and Office)
Franklin, John Marshall, Riverview, EEA

Alex Hein, RN
John Muir Middle School (Home School and Office)
GD Jones, Lincoln, Rib Mountain, South Mountain

Health Assistants work under the direction and supervision of the school nurse. They: administer medications and treatments; provide first aid and illness care according to specific protocols; assist in management of chronic health conditions by following an Individualized Health Plan; assist in vision and hearing screenings; act as a liaison between the school and the nurse.