4K & Elementary Summer Learning

Summer Learning 2017
(June 12-July 20, 2017)

Elementary class schedule: 7:45 AM - 12:45 PM, Monday -Thursday

4K Outreach Sites:
Newman Catholic St. Michael, 615 Stark St., 715-842-4283
Wausau Child Care East,  712 Franklin St., 715-848-7221
Wausau Child Care West, 505 N. 28th Avenue, 715-848-1437
YMCA, 707 3rd Street, 715-845-2177

Elementary Summer Learning Sites:

Grant, Lincoln, and Rib Mountain Elementary students
will attend Lincoln Elementary, 720 S. 6th Ave., 715-261-0965

G.D. Jones and South Mountain Elementary students 
will attend 
G.D. Jones Elementary, 1018 S. 12th Ave., 715- 261-0950

Maine, Thomas Jefferson and Stettin Elementary students 
will attend 
Thomas Jefferson Elementary, 500 W. Randolph St, 715-261-0175

Franklin, Hewitt-Texas, and Riverview students will attend Riverview Elementary, 4303 Troy St., 715-261-0030

John Marshall and Hawthorn Hills Elementary students
will attend 
Hawthorn Hills Elementary, 1600 Kickbusch St, 715-261-0045

Elementary Summer Learning Booklet
updated 4-21-17
STEM Academy, Grades 4 & 5

Elementary Summer Learning Coordinator
     Deb Heilmann
Elementary Summer Learning Admin. Asst.
     Dawn Teske
STEM Site Coordinator
     Brian Bauer
STEM Secretary
     Sadie Trapp