Welcome to the Wausau School District. When people think about our schools, words like solid and stable come to mind as well as responsive, innovative, creative, and progressive. For more than 100 years the Wausau School District has been recognized as an instructional leader in central Wisconsin, across the state, and throughout the nation.

What makes our School District so special? A talented and dedicated staff is the foundation of our success. Walking through the halls of our schools you will notice the pride our employees take in their work. Everything we do is focused on providing the finest educational opportunities to our children. Expectations are high—for students and employees—and it shows time and again in the recognition of our people and programs.

Our community sets a high priority on the education of its youth. Strong, open communication and efficient use of tax dollars are cornerstones of citizen support for the District’s educational programs. Community participation and input into our planning are key components of our schools’ success.

There are many ways to measure the quality of education in a community. We feel confident that when you look at our District and our schools you will find quality to be the hallmark.